Posted by: N.S. Palmer | June 14, 2017

They Persisted


They persisted in refusing to accept an election that they knew to be legitimate.

They persisted in pushing a Russian collusion story that they knew to be false.

They persisted in not-very-subtly calling for the assassination of the President of the United States.

They persisted in vilifying the President, his family, officials, their families, and all Americans (“deplorables”) who support them.

They persisted in publicly harassing officials and their families, including small children and grandchildren, with vile and hateful abuse.

They persisted in violently attacking Americans who dared publicly to support the president, while claiming that the Americans were the ones who started the violence.

They persisted in using riots, slander, assault, and intimidation to silence any speakers who disagreed with them.

They persisted in opposing any attempt to protect Americans from terrorism.

They persisted in using corrupt courts to destroy American laws and institutions.

They persisted in falsifying American history and traditions as symbols of hate.

They persisted in using identity politics to divide and conquer Americans.

They persisted in insisting that America belongs to everyone in the world — except Americans.

They persisted in trying to subvert the legitimate government of the United States, as well as to destroy the country and culture that Americans have created.

When will it be enough?

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