Posted by: N.S. Palmer | August 15, 2018

The Spanish Inquisition: Back by Popular Demand

“Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition,” said Monty Python, the great British comedy troupe that the BBC now dismisses as unwanted “Oxbridge white blokes.”

In his book The Anatomy of Evil, psychiatrist Michael H. Stone reassures us that:

“There are no longer many people who endorse the goals of the Spanish Inquisition, claiming that its victims were the evil ones who got what they deserved.”

So the Oxbridge white blokes were right: Even today, nobody expects the Spanish Inquisition.

Unfortunately, plenty of people now endorse its claim that their victims are getting what they deserve.

Trump supporters “don’t deserve our empathy,” says a columnist for Salon.

Read the rest at American Greatness!

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